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Our site is a place where you can purchase products and participate in our community.  We make no guarantees about the availability of the site; it can go down at any time.

We reserve the right to eject you from our community if you post obnoxious or offensive content, or behave like a jerk.  We want everyone to be nice, and it is nice to be nice to nice people.  If you seek to be un-nice, please do it somewhere else.

Registration and Privacy

We take privacy VERY SERIOUSLY.  We could go on and on about Edward Snowden and how much we dislike government surveillance, but just know that we will do everything possible to protect your data, because that's what is right and it is fair to expect.

We ask for your email address during checkout.  Some product functionality may require an active email address.  If you give us your address, but you don't want to be on our mailing list, then that's cool, no problem, and no hard feelings.  If you opt in to our mailing list and you feel like you're getting too much mail, just let us know.  We would much rather you be happy than we spam you.

Trademarks & Copyrights & Licenses

We are leaning hard towards open sourcing as much as we can, but make no guarantees about what will or will not be open sourced.  You need to respect the licenses that we release materials under, and those licenses change with different types of material and at different points in a product life cycle.

The Chicago Robotics Corp logo and name are trademarked and you are not allowed to represent yourself as Chicago Robotics unless you get explicit permission.  This is also true of product names and logos, like "Simula".  This issue is serious to us.  Because we're going as open source as we can, if you mess with the trademark or the logo, we're going to get all bent out of shape, so please talk to us before doing something that will make us all poorer and our attorneys richer.

We encourage you to share your designs with the community on our websites, but by posting material on any Chicago Robotics Corp site, you give us permission to reproduce that material without permission.  We want you to shine though, so we'll do our very best to give you credit for what you do, because sharing makes everything better.

External Links & Customer Generated Content

We'll do our best to monitor the content posted by customers, but we are not responsible for that content.  If someone posts a link and you click it, you are responsible for clicking the link, not us.  We encourage you to mouse over links and look at them before clicking, because some folks are just loony birds and they will post stuff to ruin your day.  Again, we'll do our best to minimize this and rest assured such folks will be banned ASAP.