Simula 5 printing

These printing instructions lean heavily on the Simplify3D software, which is what we use at CRC to set up our prints.  Any slicing software can be used for print setup, feel free to try your own.  The FlashForge Creator Pro will be used as a factory setup example.  The files can be found in two places:

If you are new to 3D printing, we recommend using PLA.  ABS can be used successfully if you know how to deal with ABS related warp issues on larger parts.  We strongly recommend printing ABS on printers with thermal enclosures to reduce warping, as the curved nature of Simula parts can amplify this effect.

The settings shown below will focus on values that differ from the default Simply3D settings.  If you have suggestions, questions, or comments, please email


Extruder / General Settings (click to magnify)

Extruder / General settings

If you are new to printing, it may be best to print one part at a time, however at CRC we print parts in large groups and let the print jobs run overnight.

All parts should be printed with 100% infill.  Simula looks surprisingly good on fast print settings, meaning a layer height of 3mm, but we generally use 2mm layer heights as time is not a big concern on overnight prints.

Layer settings

If you're pressed for time, feel free to use a 3mm layer height, but generally we recommend "Medium" print resolutions, meaning 2mm.

Layer settings (click to magnify)

Support settings (click to magnify)

Support settings

Because of the curved, bowl shaped nature of many Simula parts, prints can be accomplished with relatively little support.