Simula 5 dimensions.  Click to magnify.

Simula 5 dimensions.  Click to magnify.

Meet Simula 5

Simula 5 is the result of years of work designing the highest quality 3D printable Artificial Life robot possible.  Our design philosophy is influenced heavily by Braitenberg Vehicles, with the primary goal of creating an entity with the highest situational awareness possible.

Simula 5 top view.  Click to magnify.

Simula 5 bottom view.  Click to magnify.

Unparalleled Features

Simula 5 is 3D printable, and feature rich.  It's easy to make, with an impressive list of attributes:

  • Based on the Arduino Mega 2560, Simula 5 works perfectly with the Arduino IDE.
  • 2 DC motors with ultra-high resolution rotary encoders (1600 clicks per revolution) keeps Simula 5 aware of distance traveled.
  • The high quality Inertial Measurement Unit (Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer) keeps track of 3 crucial measurements in real time: compass direction, gravity/inertia measurement, and rotational measurement.
  • 5 Infrared perimeter detectors keep Simula aware of what is going on in 5 directions at once, with a range of 10cm to 1.5 meters.
  • 1 ultrasonic range sensor, or "ping" sensor, gives Simula awareness of transparent obstacles, or those invisible to IR.
  • Simula can be expanded wirelessly in just the manner you want using XBee antennas.