Assembling Simula "Upper"

Simula is composed of 3 base units; Upper, Lower, and Head.  This page focuses on Upper.


Upper assembly

Parts List

The Upper assembly is composed of the following parts:

  • 1 Upper (Upper_4.1.stl)
  • 1 Buttons (Buttons_6.1.stl)
  • 1 Speaker Plate (Speaker_Plate_5.stl)
  • 8 #2 1/4" screws (the short ones)
  • 1 BotButtons 2.7 assembly
  • 1 Red power button
  • 1 Speaker

Printed parts preparation

The largest part, "Upper" sometimes requires a bit of preparation to insure a good fit with the Buttons panel.  Try popping the Buttons panel into the appropriate space in the Upper unit.  If this fit is quite tight, use a razor knife to shave back some of the Upper material.  Focus on the areas where the Upper made contact with the support material during printing, areas that also make contact with the Button panel.

Prepping the rest of the parts is standard; remove support material as normal.

Clean upper (click to magnify)

Upper Step 1 (click to magnify)

Attach "Buttons" to "Upper"

Use four #2 1/4" screws to attach the "Buttons" part to the "Upper" part.  Screws should be tightened until snug.  Avoid over-tightening as this can strip out the screw holes.

Add Power Button

Unscrew and remove the power button locking fastener from the power button.  Insert the power button through the hole in the Button part, and make sure the larger power contacts are oriented closest to the speaker hole.  

Tighten down the locking screw to ensure a snug fit.

Insert power button (click to magnify)

Assemble speaker (click to magnify)

Add Speaker

Orient the speaker so the electrical contact points point toward the front of Simula, as depicted.  If the speaker doesn't fit properly, use a blunt metal object like a screwdriver to smooth out the contact area between the speaker and the Button panel.  Use two #2 1/4" screws to attach the Speaker Plate printed part, holding the speaker in place.

This part should be snug but not over tight.  A rubber gasket on the speaker will help prevent vibrations while Simula makes noises.  Simula can be quite loud.


Attach BotButtons 2.7

Attach BotButtons assembly, feeding the Power Button terminals through the PCB.  Use two #2 1/4" screws to attach the PCB to the Buttons part.

Assemble BotButtons 2.7

Solder the parts (click to magnify)

Solder the parts

"Wet" the two speaker solder points and the speaker wires with a small amount of solder.  This means apply a small amount of solder to those parts without connecting them together.  

Once wetted, bend the wires as shown in the picture.  Hold one of the wire ends against the speaker connection points and touch briefly with your soldering iron, fusing the parts together.  Hold the wire for a moment while the solder cools, then proceed to the next wire.

Now solder the power button to the PCB.  Be careful to apply just enough solder to make a good connection.  Adding too much solder can cause solder to drip down inside the switch and ruin it.

Congratulations!  You are now finished with the Upper assembly.  Please proceed to build the Lower assembly.