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Our Mission:  Designing quality 3D printable robotic products for Makers, Hackers, and Software enthusiasts.

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Can you really 3D print a robot that is solid, long lasting, and full of features?  The answer is yes!

Simula is designed with 3D print enthusiasts, hardware hackers, and Arduino software coders in mind.  All the printable files are free to download and modify, and the software is open-source.

Check out the video below, and click here to learn about the assembly process.

Founder of Chicago Robotics Corp, Jamie Laing, welcomes you into his vision for the future of artificial life and explains the workings of CRC's premier creation, Simula.


Get the files

Simula's 3D printable files are completely open source, so you can modify them any way you like.  The files can be found in two places:



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