Head, wiring, final Assembly

You're on the home stretch, and the rest is easy.  Gather up the remaining parts, including the short and long screws, the wiring, and all the sensors.


Install Left & Right Perimeter Sensors

Using the short screws, install the two Left & Right Perimeter Sensors.  These are the larger of the two sensor types, and Simula has 5 of them.  These sensors let Simula look for obstructions up to 1.5 meters away.

Insert the main wiring harness

Insert the main wiring harness, or brain stem as I like to think of it.  Be sure the notches on the ribbon connector are pointing forward as shown in the picture.

Connect the motors

Wire up the motors.  The polarized connectors make it easy; there is no way to plug them in the wrong way.

Connect the Left & Right Perimeter Sensors

Because these connectors are also polarized, there is no way to connect them the wrong way.

Connect the Left and Right Edge Detectors

Notice we are working from the outer edges of the ribbon cable toward the center connect things.  Next take the two smaller sensors, the binary distance sensors, and connect them.  These are going to be installed into the head.  They point downward and help Simula avoid crawling off the edge of a table.

Install the Edge Detectors in Simula's Head

Using short screws, install the Edge Detectors into Simula's head.  A magnetic screw driver or a pair of tweezers can help with this, and holding the head so the screws are not fighting gravity as you insert them also helps.

Connect and Install the Front Perimeter Detector

Grab the center wiring harness connector and connect it to an Analog Distance Sensor.  Install this using a short screw into the spot that looks like Simula's mouth.

Insert the Button Harness Ribbon Cable

Notice that the ribbon cable notches point inward toward the center of the board.

Connect the Ping Sensor

On the Button Harness Ribbon Cable you just inserted, notice there is one long connector for a sensor.  This is used for the Ping Sensor.  This is a standard HC-SRO4 ping sensor and was not manufactured by Chicago Robotics Corp, and has no polarized connector, so be sure to connect it in the manner shown in the photo!  

(As a general rule of thumb, all green connectors have wires that point outward in the final assembly of Simula.)

Install the Ping Sensor

Using a long screw and the Ping Stay part you printed, install the Ping Sensor as shown.

Install remaining Analog Distance Sensors and confirm wire routing

Install the remaining Analog Distance Sensors, and confirm the routing on the long wire that connects the Ping Sensor.  This wire should be off to the side as shown, or the Simula Top may not seat correctly.

Install Head with four long screws

Hold Simula with the rear-end facing downward and drop four long screws in the spots indicated.  Tapping the head a bit may help the screws find the holes.  Gently tighten the screws, being careful not to over-tighten and strip out the screw holes.

Connect Button Harness to Upper

Connect the Button Harness to the Upper Assembly as shown.

Attach Upper using four long screws

Attach the Upper Assembly to Simula using four long screws, two in the head, and two in the back.  

Congratulations, you have completed assembling Simula!