What is your shipping policy?

We currently offer shipping via FedEx only.  If you have a preferred shipping method, please let us know and we will explore it!

We ship orders as soon as we can, but as a startup, we often cannot ship the same day.  We will do our best!  

When you place an order, you will receive an order confirmation email, and another email when the order has been given to the carrier, and we will provide a tracking number if that is an option with the shipping method you have selected.


FedEx shipments will be tracked and insured.  PO boxes are not supported.  We do not offer Saturday delivery at this time.


We do not ship internationally at this time.


What happens if I have a problem with my product?

If you have any problems with your product, please contact us immediately.  We will work with you to find a solution and will be delighted to send you a replacement for any defective parts.

Robots are complicated, and we expect you to read the manual.  If you follow instructions and your product gets damaged, we'll replace it, but we reserve the right to not replace stuff that you destroyed through ignorance.  In particular, carefully follow instructions regarding batteries and power, and don't drop the robot in water unless it's specifically designed to be underwater.

If you step on your robot or drive over it or something like that, we hope the screams of the dying robot don't haunt your dreams.  Because that happened to us once and it still bothers us.